Catharsis EP

by The Longest Mile

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released January 7, 2012



all rights reserved


The Longest Mile Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Broken Teeth
I am digging faster than I ever have before,
Bury every image that I fight to ignore.
My bones are rotting quickly as I chew on remorse.
Locked inside my mind and theres no keys for the door

Stuck between the heavens and this hell we call earth,
The only hope i have is a dead mans worth.
Something new is coming, I can feel it giving birth
Internalize the hope thats left, I’ll swallow it first

You’re a noose on my neck
And you’ve finally been found out
You swallowed me whole
So keep my name out your mouth
Track Name: Gutter
I dont want a head of iron,
I dont want a heart of stone.
I dont want to eyes of fire,
All I’ve got is rotting bones.
I will be forever numb,
I will be forever sick.
Ruined mind,
And two clenched fists.

It won’t end.

No more lessons learned,
Nothing but hopeless plight,
No more bridges burned.
Someone give me sight,
Someone open these sewn shut eyes
Track Name: Rats and Snakes
Pound my head on the concrete,
Wipe my hands with dust.
I hope this place will catch on fire
And all the buildings rust.
Shame and loss they fill the gutters,
My disdain it swells and swells.
The city of angels

My own hell in my mind,
And everyone knows about it.
I’ve tried and tried,
but I cant let go of it.

You’re beautiful,
Paradise of nothing clean.
You stole
My mind my heart and whats in between.

rats and snakes
Track Name: Bottom Feeders
Shackled and chained to a life of regret,
Clawing my way up to try and reset.

Shackled and chained to a life of regret,
Reach down and help me and make me forget.

There’s nothing left,
Nothing left.