by The Longest Mile

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released January 12, 2014



all rights reserved


The Longest Mile Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Buried
burning my bones
and i punish disease
but its the creature
inside of me
inside me
inside me

watch a blood sun set
and a dead moon rise
on the babylon
of the man inside
as im born from a womb
of festering doubt
open my teeth
as it slithers out
created free
and free ill stay
death it ate me alive
gave my freedom away
burn the ground
with hands compelled
to make a hell of heaven
and a heaven of hell
crawl from the womb
spewing filth and rage
devoured the world
but it devoured me
circle the sky
like a vulture above
run with the hunted
shake my fist at the sun
drunk with all
the sights i see
come to realize
i will never be free
i will never be free
i will never be free
Track Name: Birth
i am not the living
im a serpent cursed from birth

burn - cut - sewn - shut

slither on our stomachs
devour all in sight because Im
cursed and burning everything
bring it all to light
devour and devour
choke down on the plague
I will never see the light again
this will be my end

i am not the living
im a serpent cursed from birth
all inside it will capsize
buried under earth
theres no way out
from this burning house
all is touched by flame
nothing ever changes
life and death the same

life death the same
Track Name: Shame
destined to fail
and i bathe in my shame
progress is stagnant
and it feeds on my blame

gun to my head
or a pill in my guts
razor to the wrist
would never be enough
Track Name: Burn
tread the ground
and feel it quake
swallowed up
my body shakes
i brought this on
and i cant escape
detach / resist

ill burn
i will burn

all my life i will second guess
cross me out til theres nothing left
just a name with no face
just forget the rest
a frame for my bones
you can burn my flesh

cross me out
cross me out
cross me out
cross me out

please cross me out
Track Name: Degenerate
sirens scream
as it separates
skin from bone and chains from soul
and everything that causes me to be

the hate from old
that feeds on flesh and cuts up all our minds
in fect the mass
distorting all that once were human kind
de gen er ate
the people of all tribes and burning tongues
in cin er ate
the people all of whom have blackened lungs

degenerate in gutters
degenerate in homes
degenerate in nations
degenerate our souls
ive burnt the flag of sadness
ive burnt the flag of fear
ive walked away from everything
still remain unclear
Track Name: Wolves
comatose from panic
and every start repeating fail
burn and rot and live and die
i cant escape
the dogs of hell

out come the wolves
gnashing their teeth
no escaping from
the claws of

run for the hills
the sky will rain fire
dig a way out
of the filth and the mire
out come the wolves
out come the wolves
out come the wolves
out they come
Track Name: Looking Grim
faithless is he
who says farewell
turns back from struggle
when darkness swells
i can not see
light has gone out
caving in
as i writhe and howl

detach life
embrace death
cut me off cause

im empty im plagued im diseased

looking grim

i am at the bottom
of every broken barrel
cause luck was never there
and it was never real at all
Track Name: Disgust
nothing changed
its the same
buried deep
wail and weep
failure stays
haunts my days
end it now
weep and howl

creature inside
burrowing now
rip me apart

it found its way out

forever disgusted
with wretched luck
disfigured faces
forever stuck
we plead for darkness
resist the light
accept our defeat
of burdensome plights
Track Name: Cage
how much longer must i wait
living in a rotting grave
waiting for my day to come
say goodbye to rusty shackled cage

this grave my home you watch
you watch me burn
this grave my own you watch
you watch me burn

two step
you watch me
you taunt me
you reap from above

separate with razors
all the faulty lies i live
and for redemption
all that i would give
ive lost and buried
deep within my soul and
everything ive gained


at the end of every day
i open my veins
trusting parasites
to eat away my pain
slither on their way
to me
Track Name: Crawl
let me out free me now
let me out free me now
let me out free me now
let me out free me now
destroy the chains im in

there must be a way out of all of this
there must be a way out of all of this

crawl from the gutters
as creep to my feet
hands are bloody
my eyes red from dreams
of a life spent living
not breathing death
cut and carve and wound
to change my end

back breaking now
from the nuclear weight
open my eyes
now what do you say
ive let you out
of your rusty cage
blot out the sun
youre finally free